All-Natural Cleaning

All-Natural CleaningIf you’ve been considering ‘going green’ by using homemade, natural products to reduce chemicals in the air and around your home, here’s a few All-Natural Cleaning recipes to get you started.

–Fill a mason jar with citrus peels, then fill with vinegar. Let it sit for a few days, then strain out the vinegar to use as a window cleaner, to clean floors, and to disinfect countertops leaving behind a citrus scent.

–To clean your oven, a baking soda and water paste applied to the oven walls, left to penetrate for a few hours, and then wiped off will leave your oven odor-free and shiny.

–An all-purpose cleaner for kitchens, bathrooms and even toys is 1 tsp borax, ½ tsp washing soda, 1 tsp liquid castile soap and 2 cups of warm, distilled water mixed into a spray bottle.

–Sprinkle baking soda around the inside of your toilet bowl, then add 1 cup of white vinegar into the water. Use your toilet brush to clean the toilet. As the vinegar reacts with the baking soda, it will remove stains and any lingering smells. You can also use this on the outside of the toilet using a spray bottle filled with vinegar to spray onto the sprinkled baking soda.

–1/2 cup water and ½ cup vinegar in a glass bowl and microwave until it boils will loosen food splatters in the microwave and make it easy to wipe clean.

–Submerging your shower head or faucet in a bag filled with vinegar for an hour will remove mineral deposits and get your water flowing freely again. Use a toothbrush to brush away loosened deposits.

–Combine 2 cups of Borax, 1 cup of baking soda, and 10 drops of essential oil into an air-tight container and use as needed for a carpet freshener. This will not only freshen the carpet, but also kill fleas and their eggs and deter rodents.


Don’t mix vinegar and hydrogen peroxide, it creates peracetic acid and breathing the fumes can damage your lungs and irritate your skin and eyes.

Don’t mix vinegar and bleach, chlorine gas is created and can cause breathing difficulties and even death if at a high enough concentration.

Do you have any favorite homemade cleaning recipes that you use? Leave us a comment about your favorite natural cleaners!

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