Your HVAC Filter

HVAC FilterDid you know your HVAC filter- filters the air for your air conditioner and furnace?  Many people think the filter needs checked and changed only when you are running the furnace.  The filter- filters the air year round when you run both systems.
The primary purpose of the HVAC filter is to protect your heating and cooling system, not necessarily to improve on air quality in your home, although clean filters can improve air quality. All of the air that heats and cools your home will pass through the air filter in your HVAC system.  This is why it is important to keep clean filters in your system at all times, especially during high equipment use in summer and winter.
Dirty or clogged air filters are a primary source of system malfunctions.  A dirty or clogged filter can reduce airflow inside the HVAC system which can cause the system to struggle and work harder.  When this happens your system does not perform efficiently, plus in extreme cases, it can damage your heating and cooling equipment.  Make sure you check your filter monthly.
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