Are You a VIP??

vipDoesn’t it just feel good when your HVAC and plumbing company treats you with elite status and you know you’re going to be taken care of? How about when you have an emergency, and there’s no hidden fees or upcharges to get a technician to you? We can do that for you!

Our VIP membership will get a technician to your home twice a year, once to perform annual maintenance on your heating system and once for your cooling system. This will ensure your systems are running as efficiently as possible. On top of annual maintenance on your HVAC system, we’ll give you the same care for any plumbing issues you have.

In addition to 24-hour service with no overtime charges with our VIP plan, you’ll receive 10% off of any regularly scheduled service calls, up to $300 per job. That can equal a whole lot of money staying in your wallet!

If you think that you want VIP status, want to have annual maintenance on your furnace performed by a highly-trained technician, or just love saving money, call our office at 785-341-4193 and let’s discuss the VIP plan and get you scheduled for your furnace maintenance!

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