Furnace Checks Prior to Furnace Season

Furnace SeasonIt’s getting cooler out which means that soon, you will be firing up your gas furnace. We recommend having annual maintenance performed but, at the very least, you should do a test run prior to firing up for furnace season. There are a few things you should be aware of and check prior to turning on your heat and also throughout the heating season.

Burning Smell

It’s normal to smell a burning smell when you first turn on your furnace for the season. It’s due to the dust that has accumulated inside of the furnace when it has not been in use. It should dissipate within a few hours of running. If the smell doesn’t subside in 24 hours, contact your HVAC technician.

Blue Flames

When your furnace has ignited, check how the flames are burning. They should be burning blue or almost completely blue. A yellow or orange flame indicates a combustion problem and the gas isn’t burning efficiently. Contact your HVAC technician if you see this!

Check Safety Devices

Ensure you have fresh batteries in your carbon monoxide detectors and smoke detectors and test them to make sure they are operating correctly.

Clear the Drain Line

Check and clear the drain line if you have a high-efficiency furnace to make sure it’s not clogged which can cause a sizable water leak around your furnace.

Inspect the Furnace Exhaust

Inspect the exhaust vent and make sure it’s free of obstructions such as leaves or nests that could inhibit proper venting of exhaust fumes.

Replace your Air Filter

Inspect and replace your air filter so it doesn’t cause any issues with the function of your furnace or its efficiency.

Annual maintenance by a knowledgeable technician is always recommended for your furnace. It will keep it working as efficiently as possible and also let you take care of small issues before they become bigger issues. If you have any problems with your heating system or would like to get scheduled for annual furnace maintenance, give us a call at 785-341-4193 and let us make sure your system will be running as efficiently and safely as possible for you this season!

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