Home Security Tips

Here are some home security tips.  *The single most important part of your home security system is the alarm company’s sign in your yard.  Burglars say they avoid homes with alarm system signs  *Another sign worth posting: BEWARE OF DOG, thieves hate dogs because they bark and bite.  *If you do sign up with an alarm company, service contracts can be hard to cancel so read the fine print.  Many companies have 3-year contracts and may force you to pay for the full term, even if you cancel the plan early.  * When you are going out of town, create the look as if you are home such as setting lights to turn on from scheduled timers.  You can buy a TV simulator that mimics the light to look as if someone is watching TV.   Most burglars ring the doorbell before attempting to break in.  You can set up a motion activated security camera by the front door that will alert your cell phone anytime someone steps on your porch.  *Enlist you, neighbors, to always keep an eye on your property.  *If you’ve got doors with clear glass panels, get them frosted or covered with blinds or curtains.  A crook can be in and out of your home in 10 minutes or less, especially if he is able to “window shop”.  *Home intruders love high fences and walls that can conceal their activities.  *Lock your doors, even when you are home.  You would be surprised how many thieves sneak into your home through an open garage door or front door when you are out back swimming, doing yard work or barbecuing.  De Hart Plumbing Heating and Cooling, serving Manhattan Kansas, Junction City Kansas, Topeka Kansas and some surrounding areas. Home Security Tips

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