Liquid Drain Cleaner Toxicity

Liquid drain cleaners may seem like a bargain, but they are not.  The chemicals in drain cleaners, particularly the bargain brands have a high Liquid Drain Cleaner Toxicity.  The main chemical in these solutions is a hydrochloric acid which will erode pipes as it sits in them.  It can erode the enamel on expensive finishings in your kitchen and bathroom too.  Most times these chemicals don’t even work and are very caustic for the environment.  The fumes aren’t healthy to inhale and linger long after the product goes down the drain.  Drains usually back up because of trouble in the sewer line or broken pipes, or clogs that the chemical cant even “eat” through.   Dumping liquid drain cleaners down a drain won’t fix these problems and sit in the drain lines doing damage.  You are better off using a plunger, and if that fails, call your local plumber.  And one important reminder; if you have used these chemicals to no avail and have to call the plumber, let him/her know what you poured down the drain.  These chemicals are very caustic and can splash back on the plumbers clothing or even worse, get in his/her eyes.  De Hart Plumbing, Liquid Drain Cleaner ToxicityHeating & Cooling, serving Manhattan Kansas, Junction City Kansas and Wamego Kansas.

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