Sewage Ejector

What is a sewage ejector pump?  These pumps are also known as sewage pumps, sanitary sewer pumps or solid waste pumps.  These pumps are installed when there are toilets below the public or private sewer line.  If waste cant flow to the sewer line by gravity, the waste has to be lifted to be discharged into the sewer. These pumps are able to pump solids and liquids from the sump or tank to the sewer.

These systems consist of a buried tank or sump made of a corrosion resistant material (newer ones are often fiberglass or polyethylene) with a sealed, watertight lid.  The top of the tank is often flush with the floor of the lowest living space level.  A diameter of 18 inches and a 30-inch depth are typical with a side inlet to receive a discharge from toilets and other fixtures.  This is typically 3-4 inches in diameter.

There is an electric pump or motor inside, operated by a float or diaphragm type level sensor to activate the pump. Sewage EjectorWhen the liquid level in the pump rises, the pump is activated.  Pump motors are typically 12 horsepower.  In some cases, there is a pedal pump with the motor located above the tank or sump.   Most modern sewage ejector pumps have a submersible pump with the pump and motor completely inside the tank.

These systems can be hard wired or plugged in. Some systems have separate electric for the automatic controls, these are 120 volt systems.  A vent pipe comes off the top of the tank and vents like any other plumbing fixture.  A high-level alarm is often an option for some units. This lets the homeowner know when something is wrong with the system.  If you are interested in a sewage ejector pump give us a call @ 785-341-4193.  De Hart Plumbing Heating and Cooling serving Manhattan Kansas, Junction City Kansas and Topeka Kansas. 

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