Troubleshoot Your Furnace

Troubleshoot your furnace before calling a professional.  If your furnace does not seem to be working correctly, here are some troubleshooting tips.  *Be sure nothing is blocking the air flow at the registers and are the registers open?  *Is the thermostat set to the correct setting-heating? Is the fan on?  *Does your thermostat take batteries and if it does-do you need to install new ones?  *Is the air filter dirty? A dirty air filter can impede proper operation of the furnace  *Check the circuit breaker if your furnace is not working  *Be sure the furnace power switch is on. Look for the switch next to or inside the furnace cabinet  *If you have a gas furnace, is the pilot light out?  If your furnace is still malfunctioning after these simple troubleshooting steps, it is time to call a professional.  De Hart Plumbing Heating and Cooling, serving Manhattan Kansas, Junction City Kansas, Wamego Kansas and some surrounding areas. 

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