Ancient Plumbing

Ancient PlumbingAncient Plumbing has been around since Roman times.  Today’s plumbing principles are simple – pressures, valves and pipes.  If they fail, you should act quickly to avert major problems.  Smart homeowners know how to spot and resolve small plumbing problems before they become major issues.  Little leaks can lead to big problems, so be alert of signs of impending plumbing failures that need prompt attention.  You would be surprised at how long people let a plumbing problem go, and it gets too far gone for a home fix-it and they call the plumber, puzzled at how it got so bad and cost so much to fix.  A leaking faucet, running toilet or leak under the shower or tub isn’t going to fix itself.  You should know where all shut-offs are for your home; the main water shut-off, the ones for sinks, and all water using appliances.  Knowing where these shut-offs are will save the day and a lot of wet cleanups.  Finally, know where the main sewer valve is so the plumber doesn’t have to search for it when you have a sewer backup. If you need a plumber, you know who to call: 785-341-4193.  De Hart Plumbing, serving Manhattan Kansas, Junction City Kansas and Wamego Kansas. 

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