Bathroom Germs

Forget the toilet seat, bathroom germs can be worse in other places in your bathroom. Faucets, countertops, handles, door knobs and towels can harbor more bacteria then a toilet seat.  Bacteria congregate on high-touch surfaces and enter your body when you rub your eyes and nose or touch your mouth . Before flushing the toilet you should close the lid because tiny bits of fecal matter go airborne and what ever is on the bathroom counter and near-germs by areas get contaminated.  Is your toothbrush in a holder on the counter?  You may want to put it in the medicine cabinet.  Washing your hands for 15 seconds with soap and warm water is considered the no. 1 intervention from getting an infection.  And that community hand towel should be changed daily or not used at all if a family member is sick.  All the high-touch areas should be wiped daily with a good anti-bacterial cleaner and your bathroom should have a complete cleaning once a week to prevent bathroom germs.  Studies have shown that the bathroom is the least cleaned room in a home.  De Hart Plumbing: Serving Manhattan Kansas, Junction City Kansas and Wamego Kansas.

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