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Noisy Water Pipes

water linesA water hammer, loose mounting straps or high water pressure can cause noisy water pipes.  A water hammer is caused when a fast moving stream of water is moving through a narrow pipe and suddenly encounters a closed valve where moments earlier it was an escape point.  As the water comes to an abrupt stop, a loud thud occurs that is heard throughout the house.  That is a water hammer. Loose mounting straps can cause pipes to move too freely and make noise.  Check all accessible pipes and make sure they are properly and tightly connected.  Another reason for noisy water pipes is excessively high water pressure. Most newer homes have a water-pressure regulator mounted at a location where the main water supply enters the home. If you don’t have a regulator, consider having one installed.  High water pressure can damage dishwashers, ice makers, wash machines and other water supplied automatic appliances.

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