Garbage Disposal FAQs

garbagedisposal picture You would be surprised at some of the items people try to dispose of in the garbage disposal. Clogging the disposal can be a major and costly inconvenience.   Here goes: *No chicken skin, meat scraps or grease  *No fibrous foods – onion skins, celery stalks, artichokes, potato peels, coconut etc. *No bones  *No coffee grounds  *No pasta & rice *No plastic, metal, paper, glass *No cigarette butts *No flour or cornmeal *No harsh chemicals.  Now a few tips:  Grind food waste with cold water.  Cut large pieces into smaller pieces.  Use your disposal regularly, it can rust and get smelly if you don’t.  When grinding is complete, turn off the disposal and let the water run for 15 extra seconds. Remember –  Treat your garbage disposal well and it will do the same in return!


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