Benefits of Toilet Replacement

Benefits of Toilet ReplacementAlmost half of the water used in your home is used in the bathroom. Of that amount, about 30% is used by toilets. Replacing your existing toilets can have a big impact on your water usage in your home. Toilets are made to last a number of years but, with improvements in efficiency and comfort, an investment to your home now can save you on utility costs as well as update the look of your bathroom.

If you have an older home and the toilets were installed before the early 1990s, you could potentially have a toilet with a 3.5-7 gallons per flush rate. Todays most efficient toilets have a 1.28 gallons per flush rate which can save you thousands of gallons of water a year which, in turn, means you’ll be saving a ton of money on your utility bills.

Newer toilets with a base to seat height of 17-19”, which equates to about 2” of added height, can also be installed to replace standard height toilets for added comfort. Updating your current toilet will also update the look of your bathroom. There are many toilet styles available from wall-mounted to high-tank to a lower profile to fit any space constraint you may have.

If you’re ready to replace the toilets in your home, give us a call at 785-341-4193 and talk to us about options for toilet replacement. We can provide standard height or ADA toilets for you or we can install customer provided toilets if you’d prefer. Call us and let our highly trained technicians take care of all plumbing needs!

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