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Low Air Flow?

Low Air FlowIt almost seems like every home has that one room that just seems always too hot or too cold because it doesn’t get good air flow through the vents. You’ve checked and rechecked the supply registers and made sure they’re open and not blocked by furniture while the room right next to it seems to have no issues. What’s going on? Well, a few issues with your duct work could be the culprit.

Closed Dampers – Dampers help regulate air flow through your ducts. Check your dampers to make sure they’re all open and allowing for proper air flow to all areas of your home.

Leaky Ducts – Holes and gaps in your duct work will allow for air to leak out and therefore have weaker air flow coming from the vents.

Crushed Flex Duct – Flex duct is flexible and can be easily misshapen or bent which will restrict air flow.

Incorrectly Sized Duct Work – If the duct work to a room is too large, the pressure of the air moving through the duct will decrease. If it’s too small, it can restrict the air flow too much not allowing air to reach its destination.

If you’ve checked everything you’re able to and are still having issues with air flow, call us at 785-341-4193 and have our technicians inspect your duct work and make repairs if necessary. We can also put a camera into your ducts and show you exactly what the issues are.

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