Preventing Frozen Pipes

Preventing Frozen PipesIf you’ve been in Kansas long enough, you know that January and February are when Winter really shows its fangs. As a homeowner, this is when you should be mindful of your pipes and the potential for them freezing. In a perfect world, our homes would be properly insulated and we wouldn’t have to worry about frozen pipes and burst water lines but, we all aren’t that lucky. The aftermath of dealing with burst pipes can become very costly so a few precautions could save you a ton of money.

-Open your cabinet doors in the kitchen and bathroom where water lines are located. This allows for good, warm air flow around those pipes from the heat in your home to help prevent freezing.

-Leave your faucets running slightly to keep water moving through the lines and lessening the possibility of them becoming frozen.

-Disconnect outdoor hoses from hose bibs. The water left in the hose and water line that goes into your home will freeze and cause that pipe to burst. Other steps to take would be to install anti-freeze hose bibs or put on an insulated hose bib cover.

-Install heat tape on water lines and add insulation to exposed lines.

Time spent now could save you hundreds in repairs in the future. If you need any help replacing hose bibs, installing heat tape or if you’re unfortunate enough to experience a burst pipe this Winter, give us a call at 785-341-4193 to have our technicians take care of your needs.

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