Summer Pet Care

Summer pet care is a must to having a happy healthy pet.  Most people love spending time outdoors in the summer, but it is not always a fun time for your pets.  Pets can become dehydrated quickly, so make sure they have plenty of fresh, clean water and shade.  Keep them indoors when it is extremely hot.  Animals with flat faces such as Pugs and Persian cats are more susceptible to heat stroke because they cannot pant effectively.  Do not take your pets in the car for any reason in hot weather.  People think if they leave the windows cracked they will stay cool enough – NOT TRUE!  All dogs are not good swimmers, so don’t leave them unattended around pools or lakes, and never let them drink chlorinated pool water.  Feel free to trim longer hair on your dog, but never shave your dog.  The layers of undercoat can protect them from overheating and sunburn.  If you use sunscreen or insect repellent on your pet, make sure it is labeled for use on animals.  Do not take your dog for a walk on hot asphalt or concrete as their paws can burn. Practice summer pet care for a happy, cool pet!  De Hart Plumbing, serving Manhattan Kansas, Junction City Kansas and Wamego Kansas.


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