What your house reveals about you.  *Conservatives tend to be neat with brightly lit organized rooms and liberals homes tend to be cluttered and have a variety of books  *Internet connected TV’s collect data, if you have one that is set up to do it-turn off data sharing in your TV settings  *One study found that women who had one box of cereal in plain view or soda sitting out, were more common to weigh more, women who had a bowl of fruit in the kitchen tended to weigh less  *Orderly and detailed people tend to have messy sock drawers as they prioritize the more important parts of their lives  *If you have many photos of yourself in your home, you are most likely under 35.  Millennials however are accustomed to posting selfies on social media and are more inclined to have self portraits around their home  *You are more likely to be burglarized if you have a sliding glass door as they are easy to pry open  *Even people who have clean,organized homes have hidden messes under a bed or in a closet, if you don’t you may be an anxious person who tries to control their environment.  De Hart Plumbing, HYour Houseeating and Cooling serving Manhattan Kansas, Junction City Kansas, Wamego Kansas and some surrounding areas.

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