Your Phone Battery

Here are some tips to extend your phone battery charge.  * Delete apps you don’t use-most smartphone users download about 42 apps, but only use ten daily. *Disable notifications. Some apps such as news, weather and sports will automatically send you a notification throughout the day-disable them.  *Dim the screen-viewing your phone’s millions of pixels at full brightness is a guaranteed battery drain. Try dimming your display a little at a time. * Forgo vibrations, you may think of the vibration as a low-key alternative to a noisy ring, but when it comes to battery life, ringing is less taxing than rumbling. Consider turning off vibrations entirely. *Decrease display time-a phone’s single biggest battery drain is the display, and we often leave it on, even when we aren’t looking at the screen. *Turn off Bluetooth – It doesn’t drain as much battery power as it used to, but if you never use it, consider turning it off.  You’ve probably heard that you should let your phone Your Phone Batterybattery drain all the way before charging it.  The idea was that you were teaching your battery to “remember” its full charge capacity, rather than confusing it with periodic inconsistent charges.  Most smartphone battery technology is advanced enough not to need special treatment these days.  Go ahead and charge your phone when ever you want.  De Hart Plumbing Heating and Cooling, serving Manhattan Kansas, Junction City Kansas and Wamego Kansas and  some outlying areas.

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