What Not to Flush

There are a lot of items “Not to Flush” down your toilet. If your home has running water, you either have a septic tank or a city sewer system to deal with the waste you produce. One of the biggest culprits in plumbing problems is people using the toilet as a trash can. Clogged toilets can be expensive to fix  and damage the environment. Why you ask? If you flush toxic items down the toilet it can destroy the good bacteria used to break down waste at treatment plants. Ant time you flush something down your toilet that is not human waste or toilet paper you are risking an unwanted expense we could all live without. Follows is a list of what not to flush: Band-Aids, condoms, cotton balls & Q-Tips, food, facial cleaning pads, dental floss, hair, dirt, dryer sheets, prescription medicine, grease & fat, pesticides, baby wipes & cleaning wipes, disposable diapers, cat litter, tampons & pads, gum, cigarette butts, nail polish & remover, paper towels and toilet scrubbers. So, think before you flush!

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