Gas Furnace Basics

We tend not to think about our furnace, until it stops working. The more you know about how your furnace works, the better you’ll be at preventing and troubleshooting issues as well as maintaining operations. Home heating attributes to about 45% of energy bills paid by US homeowners.

The main parts of the system are the thermostat, gas valve, burners, heat exchanger, blower and ventilation system. When a system is working properly, the furnace will start when it receives a signal from the thermostat that the temperature has dropped below your set temperature. Then, the furnace gas valve opens and ignites the burner. The flames from the burner heat a metal heat exchanger, the heat then circulates through the tubes of the heat exchanger transferring the heat to the air. The blower motor and fan then move the heated air through your ductwork until the thermostat set-point is reached and the furnace shuts off.

Common things to check for if your system doesn’t seem to be working: Have you checked your batteries in the thermostat? Is your thermostat set to ‘Heat’? Is your pilot light lit? You can refer to your manufacturer’s instruction manual to relight the pilot light or contact De Hart Plumbing, Heating and Cooling at 785-341-4193

Remember: Make sure you’re replacing your air filter at least every 2 months. The air filter is usually located directly on the unit or just inside the return air register on your wall or ceiling. A dirty filter will put strain onto your HVAC system and cause more expensive repairs in the future!

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