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It’s Still Below Freezing, Stay Prepared!

Below FreezingWe’re not out of this cold spell yet! The temperatures dropped to the negatives over the weekend and our technicians surely felt it with the full day of service calls they had on their schedule today. In the office, we had quite a few calls about frozen pipes and what to do about it. Here’s a few tips to keep in mind while the temperatures are still below freezing.

**Have your furnace serviced annually to clean and inspect all major heating mechanisms, inspecting the blower motor and wheel and testing all electrical components staying ahead of costly repairs and emergency furnace services.

**Keep kitchen and bathroom cabinets open to allow for maximum warm air flow.

**Let warm water drip steadily from your faucets, don’t forget to include the bathroom faucets!

**If your pipes do freeze, turn up the temperature inside your home, leave all doors inside your home open, leave all faucets open to prevent pressure build-up, and use space heaters or blow-dryers to help thaw pipes quicker.

**Add insulation or heat tape to exposed pipes in and around homes, especially underneath mobile homes, and within the home in cabinets where you feel cold drafts.

Prevention is key! With temperatures as low as they are, it may take your home 24-48 hours to warm up enough to thaw pipes. If you are experiencing any plumbing or heating issues in your home, call us at 785-341-4193 to have one of our licensed technicians come get your home up and running again!

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