What to do when you need Furnace Maintenance or a Repair?

Furnace Maintenance Repair

Call your local HVAC company to get on their schedule for furnace maintenance repair and make sure they provide you with the following information to help prevent future issues:

  • What caused the need for furnace repair?
  • What can be done to fix it? Is it a long term or short term solution?
  • Maintenance services and why they are important
  • What preventive measures you can follow
  • What signs or symptoms you should look out for to make sure no follow ups are needed on the repair

How to stay warm while waiting for furnace repair:

  • Open your blinds/curtains during the sunny part of the day. This will allow the sun to bring some warmth into the home. Make sure to close the blinds/curtains when it is not sunny out to help provide insulation.
  • Make sure your ceiling fans are set to run in reverse. This will help push the warm air down.
  • Check for any gaps in windows, outlets, and doors and seal them.

Furnace repair could be costly, the best way to avoid needing repairs is to keep up on your furnace servicing!

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