One Reason You NEED Annual Furnace Maintenance

Annual Furnace MaintenanceWe can’t stress enough the importance of annual furnace maintenance on your heating system. If you have a gas furnace it’s especially important to have your heat exchanger inspected for holes or cracks. Why that’s important is because a damaged heat exchanger will allow for carbon monoxide gases to escape into your home which can be deadly.

Your heat exchanger goes through extreme temperature swings when they heat up to warm your home and then cool down when the furnace shuts off. This causes the metal exchanger to expand and contract which, over time, causes strain and makes it prone to cracking. When cracks or holes are present, it allows the exhaust fumes to not be properly vented through the flue and outside of your home as intended.

If you smell any out-of-the-norm smells from your furnace, multiple people in the home start experiencing headaches or nausea, or you see soot buildup on your furnace, you should turn off your furnace, get to fresh air, and call us, your local licensed HVAC company! For all of your annual preventative maintenance needs, call 785-341-4193 and let us keep your family safe and furnace functioning properly!

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