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teethTeeth are the hardest substance in the human body.  Besides being essential for chewing, they play an important role in speech.  A normal adult mouth has 32, which have erupted by about age 13. Incisors: (8 total),  the middlemost four on the upper and lower jaws.  Canines: (4 total), the 4 pointed teeth just outside the incisors.  Premolars: (8 total), Teeth between the canines and molars.  Molars: (8 total), Flat teeth in the rear of the mouth, for grinding food.  Wisdom teeth: (4 total), these erupt at around age 18, but are often surgically removed to prevent crowding of other teeth.  The crown of each tooth projects into the mouth and each root descends below the gum line into the jaw.  There are many dental diseases that require proper dental care. Poor dental hygiene can affect a persons health. With today’s modern dental technology most can be saved, although dental implants are now readily available to replace missing teeth.  It is recommended that you visit your dentist every 6 months to maintain good dental health.  De Hart Plumbing, serving Manhattan Kansas, Junction City Kansas and Wamego Kansas.

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