Clogged Toilet

clogged toiletA clogged toilet is no fun at all.  Before attempting to plunge the clog, you need to do a few things.  Put some old towels on the floor around the toilet base.  Get a bucket and an old plastic disposable bowl as you may need to scoop some water out of the toilet; you don’t want too much water in the bowl when you begin plunging.  Take the toilet tank lid off so if the toilet does begin to overflow when you plunge, you can lift up the ball to keep water from overflowing.  Now make sure there is enough water just to cover the plunger and begin plunging.  If you plunge and the clog does not dislodge then it is time to try a toilet auger.  An auger is a snake like tool that is flexible and can “snake” its way through the “S” shaped curve at the base of your toilet.  Use the auger to go as far as possible into the toilet, then turn the handle until it gets tight.  Start pulling the auger out. The blockage should pull out or get pushed down the drain.  If the plunger and auger don’t fix your clogged toilet, it is time to call a professional – De Hart Plumbing will come to your rescue!  De Hart Plumbing, serving Manhattan Kansas, Junction City Kansas and Wamego Kansas. 

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