Don’t Flush It

toiletIf it isn’t toilet paper or human waste, don’t flush it.  The toilet is part of our daily lives, if you treat it well it will function efficiently for you.  Here are some items you should not flush: Bathroom wipes, even though they are marketed to be flushable, they are creating clogs in sewer systems around the nation.  Paper towels, they are not designed to break down like toilet paper.  Cat litter, It seems like it would be ok because it is just the cats poop and pee but it is made from clay and sand so when it gets wet it is going to settle in the pipes which will result in a clog.  Condoms, seems simple enough, one flush.  The problem is they are made from latex and are like kryptonite for septic tanks and sewer systems.  Prescription Medication, people think they are doing the safe thing by flushing them, but they can contaminate groundwater and have a terrible effect on wildlife downstream.  Disposable diapers, yes people, it happens.  In the slim chance it gets down the drain it will get caught in the u-bend and cause a toilet back up.  Remember, if it isn’t human waste or toilet paper, don’t flush itDe Hart Plumbing, serving Manhattan Kansas. Junction City Kansas and Wamego Kansas.

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