Tankless Water Heater Servicing

Tankless Water Heater ServicingManufacturers recommend having your tankless water heater maintenance once a year. Servicing the water heater assists in longevity, promotes energy efficiency, helps avoid need of repairs, clears out the mineral deposits that build up. Get a discount off your tankless water heater servicing by being a VIP member!

What do we do during your service?

  1. Shut off water supply and drain water heater
  2. Connect service pump, hoses & prep for for descaling
  3. Cycle food grade vinegar through the water loops (hot & cold) until system is completely descaled
  4. Clean inside and outside of water heater
  5. Service burners and combustion motor
  6. Clean water inlet filter
  7. Clean fresh air intake
  8. Inspect exhaust & ensure pipe is free of debris
  9. Check electrical components
  10. Perform inspection of all water & drain lines around work area

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