Preventing Drain Backups

Drain BackupsPreventing plumbing drain backups in the home is a lot more cost effective than paying for a drain cleaning service! There’s a lot of things you shouldn’t put down your drains that can cause a major backup. Here’s a quick list of a few things that should not be going down your drains.

Things that should NOT go down your toilet:

  • disposable wipes
  • feminine hygiene products
  • cotton balls
  • bandages
  • dental floss or hair
  • cleaning wipes
  • Q-tips
  • condoms
  • kitty litter

Things that should NOT go down your sink drains:

  • grease, fat, & oil
  • peels, coffee grounds, rice, & pasta
  • bones
  • egg shells
  • flour (including batters)
  • seeds & grains

Following these tips will help keep your drains flowing as intended. If you do run into a situation that you have a, give us a call, day or night, at 785-341-4193 and have one of our experienced technicians get your drains flowing again and keep your household running!

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