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Reverse Osmosis Filtered Water

If quality drinking water is a big deal for you, an RO filtration system may be just right up your alley. A reverse osmosis system works by pushing water through specialized membranes and carbon filters which only allow molecules the size of H20 to pass through so all impurities larger than a water molecule are filtered out and what’s left is pure water that is free of contaminants. A reverse osmosis system is a point-of-use system that will only supply filtered water to a dedicated faucet, refrigerator, coffee maker, or wherever you choose.

A reverse osmosis system is beneficial for anyone who is concerned about contaminants in their water whether it’s chlorine, organic material, or fluoride to name a few. If you have a water softener in your home, you know your water has more sodium in it. A water softener is great for many reasons, but if you have certain health issues, a diet higher in sodium isn’t recommended. An RO system would still let you enjoy all the benefits of having softened water in your home while still being able to drink and cook with the water from your tap with no adverse health effects.

Reverse osmosis water filtration is one of the most efficient filtering systems on the market. If you’re interested in installing an RO system in your home, call us at 785-341-4193 to set up a free estimate and get started having quality drinking water available in your home right at your tap.

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