Spring Home Maintenance

Spring Home MaintenanceIf you saw that Punxsutawney Phil didn’t see his shadow on February 2nd, we should be in for an early Spring; assuming a ground hog can predict our weather!  We have been seeing unusually warm weather for February here in Kansas so, hopefully, ol’ Phil is right! What that means for you as a homeowner is that Spring home maintenance is coming up fast! Yearly maintenance around the house will let you be able to take care of problems before they happen and increase energy efficiency throughout your home.

– Pour water into your sump pit to make sure the float is working properly causing the pump to activate and discharge water.

– Check exposed pipes for signs of leaks or damage in case a pipe froze and burst during cold weather. Be extra attentive to the water lines to your hose bibs!

– Clear gutters and drains and make sure they are draining water away from your home’s foundation.

– Check that toilets properly flush and there isn’t water leaking from the tank to the bowl causing higher water usage unnecessarily.

– Clean debris and overgrowth from around your outside AC unit to make sure nothing will be inhibiting its operation.

– Replace your filter on your HVAC system to prevent air restriction through the equipment causing it to have to work harder.

– Test all shutoff valves in your home to ensure they are turning with ease and shutting off the water flow properly.

– Inspect your water heater for corrosion, rust, water leaks, and drain the water heater to clear out sediment that has accrued during the last year.

Annual home maintenance will help keep unexpected problems away. If while doing these checks you notice something isn’t working properly, call us at 785-341-4193 and let our technicians take care of your plumbing, heating, and cooling needs!

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