What Is Backflow?

BackflowWhat is backflow? Backflow is when water flows in the opposite direction that it is intended. This can happen when water pressure suddenly drops in water distribution lines creating negative pressure.

Why is this a problem? When backflow happens, your fresh water supply can become contaminated with unhealthy water from storm drains, pools, sprinkler systems, or toilets to name a few different sources.

How can I prevent backflow? Backflow can be prevented by using a backflow prevention device such as a valve or air gap that is installed in specific locations in your plumbing system where there’s a risk of contaminated water entering your clean, potable water.

If you have backflow prevention devices installed in your home, it’s recommended that you have the devices tested annually to ensure proper function. If you have backflow devices installed in your business, it’s required by law to have your backflow prevention devices inspected and tested by a certified technician annually.

We are excited to now offer Backflow Testing as another way we can take care of your needs. If you need to get scheduled for your annual inspection, give our office a call at 785-341-4193 and let our technicians take care of you!

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