Where does your Manhattan City water come from?

Where does your Manhattan City water come from?

According to Quality Water Lab, Kansas is ranked number 8 in the best tap water quality. They also state that Kansas overall water quality is good, very hard, and has had 4, 696 water violations as of 2021. Lead, Mercury, Chlorine, PFAS & PFOS, Arsenic, and Volatile organic compounds are the 6 most common tap water contaminants.

Water Filtration & Treatment

DeHart Plumbing Heating & Cooling offers products and services for both water softeners and purification systems!

Our Water Softeners systems include a state-of-the-art water softener control valve that allows for monitoring and control of every function and cycle. A water softener is an investment that will increase the value of your home. Mineral deposits from hard water collect not only on your faucets and shower heads, but also on the interior of your pipes, eventually reducing water flow in your home and requiring costly repairs to replace your home’s infrastructure. Your dishwasher, refrigerator with a water dispenser, coffee maker, and washing machine are all subject to limescale buildup in water lines and will eventually need to be replaced.

Our Whole House Water Filtration Systems are designed to filter water used throughout your entire home, protecting appliances and plumbing fixtures while improving the taste and smell of your water by eliminating chlorine taste and odor. The design of the system enables for quick and simple filter replacements.

Our Drinking Water Systems provide cleaner, better tasting water by reducing common contaminants. It fits easily under your kitchen sink and operates through a separate faucet. The system is easy to change too–Twist on, twist off, no mess.

Our Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filtration System helps provide cleaner, better tasting water through reverse osmosis filtration. It is a 5-stage filtration, incorporating separate sediment and chlorine taste & odor filters for excellent membrane module protection, a sanitary, encapsulated reverse osmosis membrane, and carbon block post-filter for superior flow from a dedicated faucet. The reverse osmosis system is powered by residential line pressure, no electricity required. The system helps conserve water, shutting down when the storage tank is full and turning back on to refill the tank. Replacement filters are easy to change – twist on, twist off, no mess.

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