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What is a Flame Sensor?

Flame SensorA common issue that is encountered with your gas furnace is a dirty flame sensor. Your flame sensor is a small rod that is located on the burner assembly and confirms that a flame is present. It’s a safety feature on your furnace so if a flame isn’t detected, your furnace won’t continue to release gas inside the chamber. If the flame sensor is dirty, it won’t be able to detect a flame well, and therefore, your furnace won’t complete the call for heat and will shut down.

Your flame sensor gets dirty from dust and carbon build up. With it being so close to a flame, carbon will build up on it regularly and cause it not to function correctly. Cleaning your furnace flame sensor isn’t difficult to do but, if you’re not familiar with any aspect of it, it’s probably best to call in a trained HVAC technician so you don’t inadvertently cause a bigger issue like accidently breaking it or not replacing It correctly.

If you have any issues with your flame sensor and think that it may be the cause of your furnace woes, give us a call and let our highly trained technicians not only clean your flame sensor, but also test operations to ensure that the flame sensor is the only issue you’re having with your furnace.

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