What VIP membership can do for you & why you need it

VIP Heating ServiceWhat is done during a VIP Heating Service?

  1. Check/ Clean Burner Assembly
  2. Clean furnace cabinet
  3. Clean flame sensor
  4. Test return & supply air temperatures in the home
  5. Check/ Clean all Major heating components
  6. Dial in gas pressure to manufacture specs
  7. Inspect vent piping to ensure safe operations
  8. Test for proper air flow
  9. Inspect blower motor & wheel
  10. Clean & test all electrical components so they are free of dust/ debris

It is important to service your heater not only for manufacturer’s warranty eligibility, but also to improve efficiency of the unit, air quality, and extend the life of your unit. It is good to have your heater serviced at least once a year, but best if it is done in the fall months. Our VIP membership includes annual servicing of your heating system. This service typically takes about 2 hours and is very in depth. Pictures of all readings and diagnostics during the services are provided.

Our VIP membership also includes a cooling service in the spring/summer months as well as a 10% discount on any services up to $300.00!

You can read more about our VIP membership by clicking here.

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