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Category: Shower Valve

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Category: Shower Valve

Mold and Water Leaks

Water leaks and mold can lead to a costly cleanup.  A best practice is to get any water leaks taken care of as soon as they appear.  Standing

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Water Softener

Need a water softener?  Water is very important in our lives for many reasons.  While water is in the ground, it picks up minerals found in the earth. 

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The original shower was: waterfalls.  The falling water rinsed the bathers completely clean and was more efficient than bathing in a traditional basin, which required manual transport of

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Customer Care

Customer Care is what we do here at De Hart Plumbing Heating and Cooling.  Customer care means taking care of the customer’s needs.  We provide high-quality service before,

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Water damage to your home could lead to mold growth and most times require special attention to avoid a “mold explosion”.  Molds produce spores that spread easily through

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Water Leaks and Mold

If you have a water leak and mold grows on that surface, you should get it taken care of immediately.  Often you can have a water leak that can go unnoticed

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De Hart Plumbing Heating and Cooling offers many discount opportunities to our customers.  If you are a current or retired military member or a veteran, you are eligible

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Water Leak

That water leak isn’t going to go away.  A water leak can cause part and system failure, water damage and even health problems from mold growth.  The sooner

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Choosing A Contractor

Choosing a contractor can be challenging.  Here are some tips to assist you.  * Ask for current and multiple references that you can contact  * Get an estimate in

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Expansion Tank

An expansion tank can protect your water heater from excessive pressure.  The tank is a small tank that protects hot waster systems from building up excessive pressure.  It

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