Air Conditioner Rejuvenation

Is your air conditioner in need of a tune-up? Warmer weather is approaching which means your AC unit will be in full swing in no time. To keep your home at a comfortable temperature throughout the season, you should consider an Air Conditioner Rejuvenation.

The best option to keep your outdoor condenser unit and indoor evaporator coils of your air conditioning system in optimal working condition would be to get your entire system fully cleaned and checked over by one of our licensed technicians to help ensure you won’t encounter any unforeseen repairs before your AC units are working continuously.

An Air Conditioner Rejuvenation will consist of cleaning, testing and checking the operations of your outdoor condenser, testing the return and supply air temperatures within your home, ensuring refrigerants are at optimal levels within the manufacturer’s guidelines, inspecting the coils for leaks, buildup, and corrosion, and cleaning and testing all electrical components.

On your unit inside of your home, our technicians will pull apart the evaporator coil casing and clean the fins, clean your condensate pan and drain lines, and also test for refrigerant leaks.

Your blower wheel will also be disassembled, completely cleaned, and serviced, the blower motor will be cleaned and lubricated, then the blower will be reassembled and tested to ensure it’s working properly.

Staying on top of the maintenance and service of your air conditioning system is the best way to promote the longevity of your equipment and help keep cooling costs lower. By thoroughly checking all components in your system, our technicians will be able to spot faults that could potentially turn into costly repairs later.

To schedule your Air Conditioner Rejuvenation, call our office at 785-341-4193 to get your equipment ready for cooling season!

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