Do you have high water pressure in your home?

If you have high water pressure in your home, you may hear banging or knocking, commonly known as ‘water hammer,’ consistent or recurring leaks in appliances or fixtures, and spitting faucets when turned on to name a few things. Most home plumbing is designed to withstand 80 PSI of water pressure. The ideal water pressure within a home is somewhere between 50 and 75 PSI.  Anything higher can put unnecessary strain on the plumbing in your home that may lead to costly repairs such as major leaks and broken appliances.

The fixtures in your home such as faucets, toilets, and shower heads suffer from high water pressure. Toilet components will start to fail and cause your toilet to run constantly and shower heads and faucets can become leaky which, all together, can lead to thousands of gallons of water wasted over a year’s time. Pipes at joints can also start to wear down and create leaks that may go unnoticed for a long period of time which can end up being very costly repairs if there’s water damage and mold.

High water pressure can be caused by a few things but it’s fairly easy for your plumber to address and reduce the water pressure in the home by installing a pressure reducing valve. A PRV does just that, it reduces the water pressure within the home. It would be installed on your main water line where it comes into the home just after the main shutoff valve. It can then be adjusted depending on how you prefer the water pressure to be in the home.

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