Drain Cleaning Chemicals

Drain Cleaning ChemicalsHave you ever noticed that when you go to your local general store and pick up drain cleaning chemicals for a slow drain you’ve been having, they never say “#1 Recommended Brand by Master Plumbers” on the bottle? It’s because they’re not, they never are!

Common drain cleaners use very strong chemical mixtures that burn up and dissolve clogs in your drains. That chemical reaction to dissolve clogs can create heat that can soften PVC pipe and corrode older metal pipes. And if that bottle of drain cleaner doesn’t break the clog free, you then have a chemical concoction that’s trapped in your pipes and compromising its condition with nowhere to go until you’re able to have a plumber professionally clear the line.

Something more natural to try would be to find an enzymatic drain cleaner that uses living bacteria to eat clogs but won’t damage your pipes or mix vinegar and baking soda to pour down your drain overnight and rinse with hot water in the morning. Sometimes your trusty plunger may be able to push the clog free too.

If you’ve used a chemical drain cleaner and it didn’t do the job, when you call a plumber to your home be sure to let them know you have used a chemical cleaner so they can take additional precautions to protect their eyes and skin from potential chemical burns.

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