Sewer Inspections?

Sewer InspectionsIf you own your home, you should have some sort of an idea of the condition of your sewer main line.  Your main line sewer graded and drains how it does to keep your home sanitary and keep waste contained as it enters your city main line. If anything interrupts the flow of waste through your lines, it can wreak havoc within and outside of your home.

The main issues with sewer lines are broken lines and root intrusion. Sewer lines can develop cracks, offsets, bellies, and even have the bottom rot out. Root intrusion can happen any time that sewage is able to leach into the ground from a crack, break, or separation. Roots will always work their way back into your sewer lines until you repair that section or replace the entire line. The problem with roots is that it will block the flow of waste through your lines and can catch things like toilet paper or non-flushable items and cause further drainage issues and blockages.

Having a camera service performed will let you know the exact condition of your main sewer line and precisely where your line may be compromised. A camera service is also hugely beneficial if you’re buying a home so you know if you’re walking into a potentially costly main line replacement.

If you’ve had multiple main line backups, issues, or are in the market for a new home, give us a call at 785-341-4193 and let our technicians camera your main line and assess its condition for you.

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