Why is my Heat Pump not Working??

Picture this: your heat pump has been working great all through summer, through the winter so far, and now all of a sudden you wake up one frosty morning to your home at 57 degrees when your thermostat is set at 72.  What happened??

Well, a heat pump pumps heat. When it’s summertime and it’s set to cool, your heat pump is moving the heat from the inside of your home to the outside, just like an air conditioning unit does. When you switch to the heat setting on your thermostat, the heat pump reverses its process and moves heat from outdoors into your home. A heat pump operates most efficiently in temperatures that are above the low 30s. Once temperatures drop below freezing, supplemental heat may be needed to maintain the set temperature in your home. You’ve probably noticed that as the day wears on and it gets warmer outside, your heat pump starts pumping out more heat into your home.

So, if your outdoor temperature drops below freezing overnight and your home isn’t as warm as you have it set at, your heat pump may be working properly, it just isn’t able to pull enough heat from the air outside. If you feel like you’re having some issues with it not working properly when outside temperatures are above 30 degrees, call us at 785-341-4193 and have one of our highly trained technicians take care of your needs!

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